She [ Hillary Clinton ] also recalls some interesting conversations with the Russian strongman, who once challenged her and husband Bill to accompany him on a trip to tag polar bears in the Arctic. Another time, Putin told her a dramatic story about his father’s service in World War II: When Putin father’s came home from the front lines, he saw a pile of bodies stacked in the street outside his apartment building, which were being loaded into a flatbed truck by some men. When the elder Putin recognized his wife’s body by her shoes, he argued with the men, picked her up and realized she was still alive, nursing her back to health. Eight years later, their son Vladimir was born. “In New Memoir, Hillary Clinton Claims She Warned Obama On Putin’s ‘True Agenda’” International Business Times By Marcus Baram
on June 10 2014

On the lake #Tahoe #Saturday

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President George Bush and John Denver pitch horseshoes at the White House horseshoe pit. 6/18/89.

from the Bush Library

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Thursday evening - tomorrow, a nice event / strolling through ‪#‎SF‬ Jackson Square ‪#‎antiques‬ district — that neighborhood is beautiful.. and they are all v nice. via The San Francisco Fall Antiques Show

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San Francisco’s Tech [ Bubble? ], Showplace Square Landmark designation misuse: the tip of the iceberg


Some of you may have received a Notice of Public Hearing earlier this week regarding the Showplace Building at 2 Henry Adams street. The hearing is about designating the building as a Landmark building.

This seems like a fairly harmless thing, but in fact it is not. The re-designation of this building is the first step in a process to remove the protections put in place for the design businesses and other Production, Distribution and Repair(PDR) businesses in this neighborhood. In short, it would allow the new owners of this building to convert the building to tech office space.

This process has so far been kept very quiet. Rumor has it is already a plan in place to move the Pinterest offices into the majority of the Showplace Building. This would potentially mean the loss of design offices and showrooms throughout both buildings as showrooms with leases can be moved to the Galleria displacing showrooms there as well. The hope was that if they could get this conversion to happen before anyone noticed then we would have very little recourse. However, the process is still in motion and we can stop it! The legislation that would allow this to happen has not yet passed.

Those who work and live in this city and have a voice. Use that voice now! Call your Supervisor, call

Malia Cohen, the Supervisor that represents this district and tell them to vote NO on this conversion -the names of the Supervisors along with their email addresses and phone numbers below.

Take a moment to call or write to them and let them know that we don’t want Pinterest or any other Tech company taking over the San Francisco Design Center.

• District 1 Eric Mar (415) 554-7410

• District 2 Mark Farrell (415) 554-7752

• District 3 David Chiu (415) 554-7450

• District 4 Katy Tang (415) 554-7460

• District 5 London Breed (415) 554-7630

• District 6 Jane Kim (415) 554-7970

• District 7 Norman Yee (415) 554-6516

• District 8 Scott Wiener (415) 554-6968

• District 9 David Campos (415) 554-5144

• District 10 Malia Cohen (415) 554-7670

• District 11 John Avalos (415) 554-6975

The piece of legislation is File #140307 that is currently before the Land Use and Economic

Development Committee. Please take the time to do this.

As one commenter stated this dangerous (to all long time residents & even short time residence of San Francisco:  ”A landmark designation would clear the way for its conversion,” real estate blog SocketSite noted when the proposal surfaced several months ago. “Great move by the owners,” another commenter on the blog said. “Perhaps this will presage a wave of interest in historical preservation on the part of landlords.

The Landmark Loophole And Plan To Convert The SF Design Center Jan 9 2014

Plan To Convert San Francisco Design Center Building Pitched aug 6 2013
Zoned for Production, Distribution & Repair (PDR), the conversion of the building to office use is not allowed by San Francisco’s Planning Code as of right. In fact, the conversion flies in the face of a key objective of San Francisco’s Showplace Square/Potrero Hill Area Plan which seeks to preserve the supply of PDR space within the district.”

Landmark designation doesn’t ensure preservation @sfgate Feb 22 2014
.. A historic designation in this industrial neighborhood means developers could turn the Showplace at 2 Henry Adams St., a showcase for interior design since the 1970s, into another home for tech offices.
”..The building, which sold in 2006 for $125 million, is zoned for production, distribution and repair. A landmark designation opens the building to office development. As a result, existing tenants - home furnishings and textile firms that occupy about two-thirds of the design center - face the prospect of being priced out of the building they have long called home.” **
That is some hefty profit in store for the deutchbank buyers. 

SF Design Center


Henry Adams: brains behind Design Center

Here’s an idea for her [ Mary Barra C.E.O. General Motors ] : Why not force every one of the people who ignored the ignition switch problem, every member of all those committees that met and did nothing over the years, to meet with the families of the G.M. customers who died driving the faulty cars. Each one of these executives should experience, if only for a few moments, the trauma their indifference unleashed on these families.
Fair Game: ‘A Vow to End Hollow Nods and Salutes’, Gretchen Morgenson, via @nytimes